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4 major attractions in Grand Prairie, Texas

Grand Prairie is a city that will never let you stay inside your house during vacation. There are so many things to see and experience in this lovely city. Here are the major city attractions.

Loyd Park

It is a naturally beautiful place to visit. You will enjoy the greenery and the natural escape from the busy urban city. There are campsites, hiking trails, equestrian trails, beach, boats and lots more. There are cabins available for you to stay overnight and enjoy the nature.


The Prairie Lack Golf Course is set in the midst of natural landscape and rolling hills. With 27-hole course set, you get the opportunity to play fast and affordable golf.

Epic Waters

It is an indoor water park that is a favorite in Grand Prairie. If you like water fun then this is the place to be. The park is set in an 80,000 square-foot area and is open year round. There are numerous water slides and other activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Asia Time Square

Are you fond of Asian products? Then there is no need to fly miles to get the taste of Asia; you can find it right here in Grand Prairie. It is a hub where you can find different types of Asian goods. Flower Festival is held every year in the Asia Time Square.

There are countless of things to see in Grand Prairie. You will hardly find such variation of things to do in other cities. When you plan to visit Grand Prairie, make sure you have plenty of time to see all around the city.

3 reasons why Grand Prairie is a good place for doing business

Grand Prairie is a developing city offering lots of opportunities for new developments and businesses. It is a great place to live in that offers all the city amenities. People are moving in from other cities to live here and so the opportunities for new businesses are rising. If you are thinking of doing business here then here are some good reasons to do so.


The city of Grand Prairie is located in the center of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area. So, the communication to the big cities is easy. The airport is located nearby and the highway communication is very convenient. Because of comfortable communication, this city acts as a good distribution center.

Incentive programs

The government encourages investment in Grand Prairie to promote growth. If you invest about $5,000,000 in an industrial project and employ 25 or more full-time employees then you can get 75% abatement for about 9 years. After buying real estate properties you can become eligible for partial abatement. You can get tax exemptions on equipment and machinery that you purchase for your industry or factory.

Better lifestyle

Grand Prairie offers a great living. There are schools, shopping malls, recreational facilities, parks and other things that are necessary for a good living. Many people relocate from other cities to live here for the facilities the city has to offer. So, there is a high chance for new businesses to flourish.

Grand Prairie offers lots of opportunities for new businesses. You can contact the city Chamber of Commerce to get more information about making business investments in this city.